View and register resource providers

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.IconsJust because Azure provides a resource, you may not have access to it in your subscription. You may have to add a particular resource.

You can think of a resource provider as a way Azure (ugh) provides resources. Another way to think about resource provides is that they are the services provided by a resource. For example, a resource provider offers a resource type called vaults for creating the key vault.

Each provider has one or more resource types. The name of a resource type is in the format: {resource-provider}/{resource-type}. The resource type for a key vault is Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults.

Determine which provides are installed

When you create your subscription, you do not have all of the providers automatically enabled. Some providers are offered by Microsoft, but other providers are available to your account too.

To view the providers, log in to the portal, then type Subscriptions in the Azure Search box.


Then click on your subscription name. In the properties panel, click Resource providers. You can see which providers are install or not. In this example, Azure.Batch is not registered.


In this case, if you wanted to use Microsoft.Batch as a provider, you need to register, click the item you wanted to register, then click Register on the page.

You must have permission for the resource provider. The permission is included in the Contributor and Owner roles.

The following example shows how to list the providers in PowerShell and then register the Microsoft.Batch provider.

Get-AzResourceProvider ListAvailable | Select-Object ProviderNamespace, RegistrationState
# register a provider
Register-AzResourceProvider ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Batch
# see information about the provider
Get-AzResourceProvider ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Batch

The following example shows how to do the same in the CLI.

az provider list –query "[].{Provider:namespace, Status:registrationState}" –out table
# register the Microsoft.Batch provider
az provider register –namespace Microsoft.Batch
# show the provider registration state
az provider show –namespace Microsoft.Batch

View details of resource providers

To view the resource providers you have available in the portal, search for Resource Explorer.

resource explorer

Each provider has one or more resource types. The name of a resource type is in the format: {resource-provider}/{resource-type}

You can explore the resource explorer to determine the API version offered in your account, the locations available for the resource.

For example, click Microsoft.Storage to see the list of resource types offered in storage. Type crtl-f to open the search box. Type blob to find the Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/blobServices.


You can review the locations, the API version, and the detailed  that you will use when you begin building Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Resource type documentation

Once you have learned about the resource type, you can find the documentation related to the resource provider, including the settings you can make.

In later posts, you will learn about how to define resources using resource manager templates.


For more information, see Azure resource providers and types.

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